Solevo Wellness™

Solevo Wellness is a medical marijuana dispensary based in Pittsburgh, PA, dedicated to providing medical marijuana relief solutions for Pennsylvanians certified with serious medical conditions such as intractable pain including arthritis, and other serious medical conditions including glaucoma, cancer, autism, Parkinson’s disease, MS, IBS and HIV/AIDS. Founded by leading physicians, pharmacists and medical professionals, Solevo offers personal, professional care and quality medical marijuana products.



The Problem:

Solevo Wellness™ approached Elisco in 2017 after receiving one of three dispensary permits available for the Pittsburgh area. They needed to create a brand that would position them as experts and reference helping patients lead better lives. Challenges included public perception and education, as well as a quick turnaround for a January 2018 opening.

The Recipe:

Elisco developed a company name, logo, theme and corporate identity. Elisco also managed public relations for Solevo Wellness to increase brand recognition and community education.