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In the financial services industry, we’ve delivered successful branding projects for credit unions, and produced market-beating returns for community banks and wealth management firms. We understand how important it is for our clients to provide measurable results for their customers, and we hold our own work accountable to those same high standards. At the core of this success is our proven planning process called SmartPlan.


Strategic planning methodology.

The planning session, which we call SmartPlan, uses a storyboard technique to gather and organize information very quickly. Since the decision-makers will participate in the session, we will be able to build consensus right from the beginning on the overall marketing communications direction for your company. Together, we will explore the topics such as:


Best Practices.

After the SmartPlan meeting, you will receive a report of our storyboard session in outline form. The SmartPlan session is the first step in the planning process and will enable Elisco – working jointly with you – to develop a marketing communications plan that will consist, in part, of:

  • Specific tactics (which might include trade ads, public relations, a leave-behind, website, promotional pieces, direct mail, etc.)

  • Time frames (when each project will be launched and campaign duration)

  • Preliminary budgets

  • Expected results (if practical)


In effect, the plan will tell you what you are going to do, when you will do it and what it will cost. I want to emphasize that you are in control of spending at each step of the way. No initiative will be launched without your specific approval.


Nine core positions:

An important part of the planning process is a review of positioning.

Selecting positioning:

Any position should meet these guidelines.


launch methodology:

Gathering, understanding and action.

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