Brand Architecture


Since Ries and Trout’s marketing classic in 1972, positioning has been defined as how a company or product is differentiated in the mind of the consumer. The position fills a niche in a specific market by separating itself from the competition in a meaningful and relevant way.

At the Creative Café™, we help establish a brand’s position, in part, through our positioning graph. With this approach, we review what positions are taken by your competition, what positions are available and what the market needs and wants. Then we match your brand to a position that is available, supportable and desired by the market. It’s that easy, like making a perfect consommé. 



Corporate Brand

Sometimes referred to as a branded house or family brand, this approach builds on the awareness of a single corporate brand and uses the company name to increase brand equity. With this focused approach, the entire marketing investment is efficiently applied to the corporate brand.



Product Brand

An approach popularized by Procter & Gamble, this architecture includes a house of brand where each product has it own unique brand name. The approach often requires more marketing programs and a larger budget to support each brand. 



This approach is a combination of the brand and product architecture.
One brand is dominant while there are a few distinct, subordinate brands.