Real Estate Branding: The art of putting something on the map.


Due to Pittsburgh’s recent explosion in real estate growth, our agency has found ourselves working on more and more branding projects for commercial real estate properties, services, and various other category specific projects. This has been great news for the Pittsburgh market, and also for our agency.


I wanted to write a short blog that talks about some of the things we have learned in our journey into a new category.


People love to call things by their old name. This is an unfortunate Pittsburgh tradition, and I’m sure elsewhere throughout the country. It’s human nature to resist change and it is even harder when a certain building or property existed for years prior. Our approach to developing a name for commercial or residential real estate is to keep things very simple. You will most likely want to go with a short and succinct name that is catchy, fun and easy for anyone to say.  


When developing a logo for a property, we take a look at a wide variety of influences including the properties history, its location, physical appearance, and many other aspects. The final logo should be something that reflects the use of the building. If you are looking for tech companies to lease your space, go with something more forward. If you are leasing property for residential, go with something that reflects the vibe of your property or neighborhood. Make sure that whatever you choose will be easily incorporated into the building through the interior and exterior signage, marketing materials, staff uniforms, etc.


If you follow these tips, you will hopefully have a new property name and logo that not only represents your property but something that people will adapt and use for a long time.



John heads up business development at Elisco.
His primary focus is to build awareness about the agency’s unique capabilities among prospective clients, in addition to developing and maintaining relationships with current and past clients. Prior to joining Elisco, he established and fostered supply chain management relationships at PLS Logistics. John graduated from La Roche College with a B.S. in Marketing and Business Management.